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Michael is a UK-based commercials and content director specialising in comedy and performance and VFX. 
With over two decades of experience in the industry working with companies such as Aardman, Partizan and Rhythm and Hues, Michael continues to collaborate with production companies worldwide to create high-end product films and content. Click the images to watch or view more from the ARCHIVE here. 
Wren Kitchens ‘Brand Family’
    Wren Kitchens ‘Features' 
Great Ormond Street Hospital 'Good Days'
   Vax 'Air Cordless Lift'    
 Nationwide 'Divorce'
   ToolStation ‘Helping Hand’ 
Urgent RX 'Warehouse Workers'    
   Skoda 'Moon'  
   Muntajat 'Global Project'
   Serta 'Image'      
 Tool Station 'Not Under My Roof'     
          DTGT 'Tip Top Tap'
     QuickQuid 'Jetpack'  
QuickQuid 'Time Machine'   
  Serta 'Golf'
DAPW 'Duvets of Spring'  
  UNEP 'Conveyor'  
 Round Up 'Garden'
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